Best Biceps Exercises: Stay Bulking Even At Home!

Grab a pair of dumbbells and use these arm exercises to stretch your muscles for a biceps workout. Make the most of your arm workout by building up your biceps with a series of simple, easy to learn, and effective arm exercises.  here are the best biceps exercises

These exercises target the biceps, but shoulders, forearms, triceps, and pectorals can also benefit. Do your biceps training at home or at the gym only when you have dumbbells with you. 


Biceps exercises usually come to mind first when thinking of curls, but they require much more strength than just a few pounds of weights. For beginners, Tips recommends dumbbell balls between 5 and 8 pounds for the pro, and for lifting, you should try 10 to 12 pounds with dumbbells before or after lifting. 

Stand upright for a few seconds before and after each curling, back to the wall, using a dumbbell ball between 5 and 8 pounds for beginners. 

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, the handle in both hands, and roll the weight over your shoulders. Keep your elbows in line with your torso and first fully stretch your arms to the side. Push your biceps upward with each curl, then down again with both arms in front of you, starting at the top of the curl and fully stretching to both sides. 

In a controlled movement, stretch your arms in a fully extended position in front of you, with both arms resting on top of the curl. 


For this biceps exercise, lie down on a hammer and roll the weight over your shoulders, keeping it sideways with the palms facing inwards. First, pull your elbows to the side and slowly stretch your arms downwards in a controlled manner. Complete the movement by slowly and controlled stretching your arms downwards and then upwards again. 

In this exercise, the curl becomes a curl, the weight is held on the handle and wrapped over the shoulders. Keep your elbows pulled to the side and point outwards with palms, then straight up and down. 


The Zottman Curl is named after one of the most famous gymnasts of all time, Dr. William Zotman (1884 – 1919). Start with your arms in a sneaky grip and roll them up as high as your biceps roll-up. Once the dumbbells are at shoulder level, rotate your hands so that you have your grip on your palms. 

Put your hands back into a sneaky grip until your arms are fully stretched out and control the movement. The W-Curl is called the “W-Curl” because of the shape the arms take during this exercise. This biceps exercise can be done in two different ways, with different weights and different positions. 

With the handle of your hand down, extend your arms to the side, and your palms point outwards from the back of your hand. 

Bring your arms up at a 45-degree angle and leave them in a w-shape, alternately working your biceps. 


Turn the thumb side of one hand over the opposite shoulder and make sure both sides do the same repetition. Keep your arms stretched sideways and down, keeping the weight on the handle with both hands. 

The weight will rise above your body, then slow down again and then up again until it is at the level of your arms. 

Start with arms stretched out and hold the weight grip in each hand and form a “T” shape around your body. Repeat the movement with the other arm and finish your biceps workout with an isolated arm curl. 


Roll one arm up to 90 degrees and bring the arms parallel to the floor down again and then up again with the other arm in front of the body. 

Once you have completed a rep, repeat this step with your other arm and stretch it further to get another curl. If you have not done this yet, double – press one arm in front of your body and repeat until you have completed all repetitions with both other arms. 

You want to get the most out of your arm workout at home or at the gym, but remember to choose a lightweight and be in the right shape to run your biceps workout program. When exercising Pro Tips triceps, you can also aim at the other muscles in your arms.

If it becomes difficult to get the right shape during biceps training, choose a lighter weight, and change the movements. Do 12 repetitions of each exercise using dumbbells during biceps training, and then do 10 repetitions of each repetitive step using weights. 

When you have completed each exercise, count the cycles, and continue until you have completed three cycles or until your biceps are as strong as possible with the weights. 

Do you have a six-pack? Or an amazing back? Do you workout in Central Park?