Best Triceps Exercises: The Bigger – The Better!

If you want to freshen up your upper body routine, this is a great way to add some good triceps exercises. This exercise makes old workouts more interesting and also helps you get stronger in the gym and outdoors. 

Bent-Over Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Hold your arms to the side, dumbbells in each hand, palms facing each other. Bend your knees forward and bend your elbows so that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Keep elbows tight and chest flat and move up and down, keeping chest tight but not too tight. 

Shoot the weight back into your back until you fully stretch your arms, then bend them to the side to start again and repeat. 

Keep the weight in your hands, palms facing each other and elbows touching the floor. Lie flat on your knees, knees bent and feet flat on the floor, knees flat against the wall, elbows above your knees. 


Keep your palms together and push your weight towards the ceiling, keeping your elbows fully aligned for a second. This is the starting point, press down with hands and feet, knees flat on the floor and elbows above knees, palms up. 

Start on a high board with palms flat, stretch your legs and pinch your core and esophagus, slowly lowering your body to the floor. Slowly bend your elbows and lower back to the floor in case you drop your knees. Hand shoulder width apart, stack shoulders directly above wrists and bend elbows. Start by slowly lowering down, elbows bent and starting from the highest plank, palms up, shoulders stacked directly above wrists. 

Diamond Push-Up

Start on a high board with palms flat, stretch your legs and pinch your core and esophagus by slowly lowering your body to the floor. Keep the shoulders of the hand wide apart, stack the shoulders directly above the wrists, bend the elbows and push up the palms to form extensions. Start slowly, elbows bent, starting from the highest plank, palms up, shoulders stacked just below the wrists. 

Bend elbows to lower chest to the floor, push back body, stretch arms and push back up. Walk in a straight line back and forth, slowly with your hands in front of you, arms straight, shoulders straight. 

Plank Up-Down

Lay your feet hip-width apart and then do the same with your left, then lower your right arm until your forearm is on the floor. Now you should be in a forearm plank and place your right hand back on the ground to stretch out your arms and follow the example, and land back in the high plank. 

To facilitate this, try to widen the position of your feet, but keep your hips as stable as possible so they do not sway from side to side. 

Sit on the floor and place your hands on a box, your fingers pointing at your body and feet in front of you. When the box is high (as shown here), go up and place your hand on it so that you can lower your body down until you hit it, and then go down again. 

Triceps Dips

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stretch your arms straight up to chest level or ceiling, then bend your elbows to lower until you sit down completely. Keep your heels on the floor and lie flat on your knees, keeping your feet on the floor, but not folding over on either side. Stretch your arm out while raising your buttocks, and straighten your elbow directly over your body. 

The starting point is in front of a wall or wall with a dumbbell in one hand and a bar in the other, or on the floor or wall. 

Do not move your shoulders or upper arms, just bend your elbows and bend them slowly to bring the weight down above your head. Keep your elbows in place and bend your elbow slowly while lowering your weight to your head, but do not overspin – bend. 

Try to lower the dumbbells so that they lie on your side and your elbows are in front of you, not behind you and not folded sideways, but slightly to the left or right. 

Did you know that nearly 70% of your arm is actually the triceps? Well, you know now! So, stick to these triceps exercises for bigger, bulking arms!

The triceps exercises are a great combo with the biceps ones to get the blood pumping!

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