Cleansing Diet: Start the New Year Fresh!

I would like to show you an easy way to get back on your diet after the holidays as you prepare for the New Year. Forget counting and measuring, forget about your healthy routine, and forget counting or measuring. This cleansing diet may work for some people, but a clean lifestyle works for everyone. You may want to get back into a healthier routine and there are easy ways to do just that.

Hydrate Your Body

Forget drinking eight glasses of water a day, each person needs a different amount depending on body type, age, weight, and other factors. I know that most people think they are hungry and tired when they are actually just dehydrated and thirsty but forget it.

So start your day with a big glass of water and, if it’s not a full glass, have a drink in between. If you hate clear water, just add some extra vitamin C and enzymes or add a splash of lemon or even lime to enhance the flavor. Eat enough to hydrate your body if you don’t drink water and see what other scary health effects can occur if you don’t get enough water.

Go for a Plant-Based Breakfast

Start the New Year with a meat and egg meal swap for a plant-based alternative and be a full-fledged herbivore.

Breakfast is one of the simplest meals you can eat based on so many choices, from vegetables – based on meat – free and even vegetarian – friendly, with so much choice. When you choose plants for breakfast, you eat many live foods that give you more energy. Why eat a former living being to start the day, even an animal derivative or even animal derivative?

Choosing a plant-based cleansing diet means you introduce more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your body so that it can convert cells into energy more quickly and you feel more energetic throughout the day. Great options include chia pudding, oatmeal soaked overnight, or even fresh fruit and vegetables for breakfast.

Lower Your SOS

Next, cut three things out of your diet that steal your energy and health and even disrupt your weight control goals. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about that, just a few of the common issues with cleansing diet and weight loss.

Sugar disturbs blood sugar, alters appetite for food, increases weight gain and changes metabolism. I am referring to the use of sugar in the form of whole foods, such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Why add them if you could just eat all the food and not taste them all at once? You are addicted and you will be hooked in no time, just a few simple steps and a healthy eating plan.

You can keep your fat low by consuming refined or processed oils, oils that do not contain all the nutrients that are produced from whole foods and oils.

Hopefully this Christmas you will take the time to spend time with family and friends and eat lots of delicious, happy food without worrying too much about calories, carbs, and fat. It’s not too smart to burden yourself with seasonal festivals, but if you’re enjoying good food with family or friends, it’s something to treasure.

Leaving healthy requires constant working out. The best place? Central Park!

Or incorporate these poses for a better effect!