Whoever coined the phrase “romance is dead” clearly never looked for it in a puddle of sweat on the floor of a CrossFit box. It turns out that underneath all the groaning and panting coming from your local CrossFit box, a surprisingly large amount or romancing has been going on, too. We found four couples who got together thanks to a mutual love of the demanding yet popular training regime, and we’ll be sharing their stories in the run up to Valentine’s Day 2017.

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Lisa Johnson, 26, junior consultant and Alex Winter, 22, assistant manager

Time together: 11 months

Never attempt to give your partner advice on CrossFit – Alex

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Eden Ross, 22, nurse and Jordan Gilmour, 22, mechanical engineer

Time together: Almost two years

People see you for who you really are… a sweaty mess most of the time! – Eden

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Tim Hickford, 28, and Jess Bacon, 27, co-owners of Saxon CrossFit, Norfolk

Time together: Nine years

In regular gyms people wear headphones and do their own thing, which can make it quite an isolating experience. At CrossFit you socialise, you talk to one another, you cheer each other on and form relationships. – Tim

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Pedro Ramos, 35, graphic designer/CL1 CrossFit coach and Talia Galati, 26, key leader at Lululemon

Time together: Six months

I’ve met some couples that couldn’t stand training together as they wouldn’t accept advice from their partner or don’t like the competition between themselves. – Pedro

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