Get Back Into Routine and Easy Ways To Do It

Some things are easier said than done, especially when the fitness routine has fallen by the wayside. If you haven’t trained for a while, here are a few useful tips and tricks to help you get back into routine.

Having recently had a small operation, I can speak for many when I say that for any kind of routine, it is crucial to imagine what you want to do. Sometimes the first step can be the most difficult, so the power of visualization may have been a key factor in resuming a consistent training routine.

Start with Visualization

Another way to integrate daily training would be a simple breathing technique, and I recommend meditation, because meditation helps your mind to focus on the task ahead. Your mind is a powerful tool and can prepare your body for upcoming activities, but it can also be an effective tool for mental and physical health.

Simply Breathe

If you still have air in your lungs, breathe in through your nostrils and out through your nose and mouth while you are still breathing in.

What sounds simple is actually a great way to challenge the breathing muscles and at the same time strengthen concentration. The lungs also need to be trained, so in this case a breathing technique is an option, also known as alternative nostril breathing. Keep one of your nostrils closed and keep your mouth open while inhaling and exhaling through your nose and mouth.


If you haven’t noticed, believe in small, consistent steps, and if you’re measuring with a pedometer per minute, it’s important not to overdo it. If you feel completely unfit and want to take it easy and slow down, I encourage you to take a short walk.

And last but not least, the only way to rebuild your training routine is to do the exercise yourself. If you go a little further every day, you will see how your strength builds up and the intensity of your workouts increases.

If you have just had surgery, like me, it is best to train muscle groups that you can work on and move around. One should not overwork, because pain and sore muscles the next day usually prevent people from exercising again. Overall, you should strictly follow the above steps and not strictly follow them, but combine them if desired. Just remember: Be nice to yourself and take it on as you have done before.

Use yoga to build up strength!

Working out in Central Park is a great way to get back into shape!