Yoga and Art: Connected or The Same Thing?

Art and yoga are seriously interlinked. In the “hands” of the right master, yoga can be a marvelous masterpiece. Let’s follow on how this happens.

It’s a kind of magic!

This kind of magical thinking suggests a connection between yoga as an art form and magic as a form of ritual magic. Yoga is essentially alchemy whose purpose is applied and skillful enough to achieve the desired results such as health, well-being, and happiness. Depending on the chosen frame, yoga can therefore be reduced to strength, flexibility, or consciousness enhancement. Likewise, magic can be reduced to cards; the ability to represent spirits, to form mysterious phenomena, is the definition of silver.

However, it is difficult

This is a difficult path, however, as yoga can be reduced to any number of other art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, music, writing, poetry, etc.

At the same time, it is an activity that allows us to explore fantasies and emotions in a way that could work as a placebo, and immerse ourselves in a more harmonious and healthy reality. Let me be clear: I am not suggesting that anyone abandon rational thinking and reason, but the world we need now is not the same. There is no “good” or “bad” yoga practice, just another kind of practice. By consciously practicing ritual practices with a sense of playful wonder and freedom, they do not become a vehicle for the mastery of individual and collective will, as so many have always hoped.

It’s a dynamic process

The dynamism that underpins the extraction of inhumanity, which has always been present but successfully concealed, is now on display better than ever. Our lives have been abruptly interrupted, and the perspectives and behaviors determined by rational reason do not affect our ability to unlock our emotional reality. The most revolutionary act we can take to reshape our future is to reclaim our yoga practices and places to experience aspects that are not bound by rational thinking, and to go beyond channeling poetry and the mystery of life through an empirical lens. It is time for yoga professionals to count their blessings that the continuation of this model runs counter to the connectivity that underpins yoga’s goals.


We nourish our soul by giving ourselves the resistance that feels impossible and against all resistance, but which we must continue to resist.

Whether music, poetry, or art, yoga is important, but when the work of art is taken away, when we sit naked before our hopes and fears, our expression of the mind remains. If we have a ritual that creates its own pattern, in which the boundaries of everything else disappear, then we can have that ritual, be it music, poetry, or art.

Yoga and meditation go excellent hand to hand!