Yoga and Meditation: Spiritual Peanut Butter and Jelly

Yoga and meditation usually go along pretty well. Most of those that practice the first also practice the latter. Here is how they benefit each other!

The Philosophical Aspect

When you do yoga, take a few moments to practice mindful breathing and try meditation. This is a great option for anyone who has experienced breathing difficulties while doing yoga or yoga.

This helps you regulate your breathing and also gives you more control over your pranayama, and it helps you practice yoga longer. Yoga is so popular that most yoga studios these days are more concerned with physical exercise than philosophy. If you really want to turn to a yogic lifestyle, you need to get in touch with your philosophical side.

Meditation techniques not only help to train the mind, but also prepare your mind and body for the advanced stages of yoga. The yogic system includes meditation techniques such as yoga, yoga meditation, pranayama and yoga practice.

For hot yoga, you will be too sweaty and practice yoga in the hot sun and hot water for a few minutes at the end of your practice, but do not forget it.

Don’t break a sweat

Anyone who practices Bikram or hot yoga knows that you sweat a little too much, just as you would in the hot sun and hot water. Meditation can change that, but if you want, you can sweat – for the rest of your practice free.

If you are worried that you might get a little hot, sweaty and smelly during hot yoga, try meditation. Meditation lowers blood pressure, which cools the body and reduces sweat. If you get sweaty, if your body temperature goes up, or if you feel a bit shaky in Warrior III, meditate for a minute or two.

Meditation alters body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and even breathing patterns. Meditation changes the perception of the world around you and also of your own body.


We took 32 men and divided them into two groups and asked one group to take care of their hands while the other group was allowed to think of anything they liked. Kee kept each of the groups standing on one leg while holding a water pool, and then tested the balance of each member in each group.

The results showed that paying attention to the body increased balance, while thinking about something other than what you were actually doing reduced balance. If you are serious about improving your yoga, you should include both physical and mental exercises. You have to take care of your body, especially if you want to stay in an asana for a long time.

The benefits of meditation are significant and invaluable for improving your yoga practice. With meditation, you prepare your mind for success in the yoga studio and accept a yogic lifestyle. If you practice the physical side of yoga while you practice meditation, then it is time to change it. For the latter, meditation is the most important and best way to change it over time.

Get back on track easily!

The best place for both? Central Park! When the weather improves of course!