Yoga Poses For Two: Exercise With Your Loved One!

Yoga poses for two are called partner or couple yoga, but if more acrobatic fun is your game, you can also call it acro yoga. Exercising with a partner or friend can be a great way to strengthen your relationship on the mat by improving flexibility, balance, and posture. There are many health benefits to partner yoga, including reduced stress, increased muscle building, improved breathing, lower blood pressure, better muscle building, and more. If you want to experience the benefits of yoga while tying with your partner, you should try yoga poses for two. To avoid injury, stretch before yoga, and to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe, practice proper communication between partners and stretch together before and after yoga. 

Double Tree Pose

There are much yoga poses for two persons, which are modified versions of the pose for individuals. Doubletree pose is a tree pose (Vrksasana), which is beginner-friendly but brings a lot of confidence into this pose to play around with. There are many yoga newcomers who practice for the first time with their partner or for their first yoga class. 

Hold the pose for several seconds until you find balance and hold it for a few seconds. In this standing position, your partner balances on one leg And you hold them with one arm, which improves stability. 

Double Standing Forward Fold

The forward bend in Uttanasana stretches the legs to bring the head to the knees, bringing you to your knees. In a yoga pose with two people, this stretches the legs and pads, but when performed alone, your partner can pose face down. 

Arms stretch backward as you hold each other, and you increase tension when you and your partner work together to improve their flexibility. The spine rotation in a sitting position can be done with or without a partner, but you stretch your arms backward while holding each other. 

Sitting Spinal Twist

If you sit at your desk all day, this pose can relieve some of the tension in your spine. This is a sitting pose that stretches the sides, back, and neck and is also called the half – Lord of Pisces. 

Two partners sit in the same position, one knee on one side and the other knee in front of you. Your partner puts his hand to one side and grabs the other knee with both hands, and you sit. 

Gently rotate your back and stretch your sides, and your partner will stretch your trunk and leg muscles intensely. This pose is suitable for advanced yogis, as it requires a lot of flexibility in the legs. Boat pose with a partner: Gently stretch the sides and bend your knees, with your partner on one side and the other knee in front of you in boat positions. 

Partner Boat Pose

To do boat positions with your partner, stand in a sitting position with one leg on the floor and the other facing you. Lift your legs to create an inverted v-shape, with the legs in front of you in the same position as your hips. 

The seated forward curve in Pashimottanasana is a beginner-friendly route, also known as the Intense Dorsal Stretch. Grab your hands while leaning into the stretch and aim at the knee, calves, and back. To change the pose, stretch your legs and fold your knees inward to make them more beginner-friendly. 

These yoga poses for two are a couple’s take on the traditional yoga poses that you can practice at home! They are can be practiced with your loved one, bestie, or a kid! If you want to exercise outside, then head to Central Park! With Broadway closed, this is our only source of entertainment!